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We thank you for your visit on our website under the domain www.vistan.de including the subdomains exploited by Vistan Brillen GmbH, Wilhelmstrasse 16, 73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd ("Vistan"). The protection and the confidentiality of your personal data are particularly important to us. This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you of the nature, scope and purpose of the collection and use of your personal information entrusted to us when using our services. Our privacy policy may be consulted at any time on our website.


1.            Collection and use of your data

1.1.        Vistan collects, processes and uses personal data in accordance with the procedures described in this privacy policy document and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

1.2.        When visiting the public accessible pages of our website, anonymous information is temporarily collected and stored, as the anonymous IP address, the date and time of access, the amount of data transferred and the site from which you have come to the requested site and the product information and browser version, Web browser / operating system used. We need this data to allow access and use of our services. These are access data that do not allow us to identify you. This data is used for statistical purposes and for tracking errors only, and is then deleted.

1.3          During the use of protected areas on our website, in order to analyze errors, the following information can be collected and stored in the short term: data volume, user name with user account and error messages.

1.4.        For a personalized use of our services on our site, you must register. When registering for the use of our services, we collect your customer number and business address. Your data will be used for your specific purpose. You may voluntarily provide us with additional information in connection with the use of our services. If necessary, you can modify at any time the data entered during registration in your user account.

1.5.        If you contact us by e-mail or telephone, this information will be stored for the processing of your request, orders and any follow-up questions. Occasionally, we may use your personal information to notify you by email of important information, such as notifications of changes to our Terms and Conditions. In addition, we use your data to answer your requests, questions and comments.

1.6.        We use your postal and e-mail address, as permitted by law, for advertising purposes. You may revoke your consent for the use of your address data at any time by sending an e-mail to info@vistan.de or in writing. The revocation is free (with the exception of the transmission costs that can be charged to you by your telephone / internet provider).

1.7.        You will receive our e-newsletter if you have given your consent or as permitted by law. By subscribing to the newsletter, we record your IP address and the registration date. The transmission of the newsletter may be revoked at any time with immediate effect. The revocation is free (except the transmission costs that can be charged to you by your phone / internet provider).


2.            Transmission of data

2.1.        Basically, your data will only be collected and used for specific purposes. Your personal data will be disclosed without your prior consent only in the following cases:

2.2          For cases where we depend on external service providers for certain services, for example, for various supports, to process payments and in the areas of the eligible transmission of advertising, information will be transmitted to this external service providers so that they can accomplish their task. These external service providers are carefully selected and regularly reviewed by us to ensure that your data is used in accordance with the GDPR.

2.3.        Information about the persons will be communicated to the authorities as well as to a third party (victims) in the case of an investigation for illegal use or for legal prosecution. However, this only happens if there are concrete indications of illegal or abusive behavior. Disclosure can occur even if it serves to enforce terms of use or other arrangements. Vistan is legally obligated to forward information to enforcers and finance officials on their request or in the case of a court order.


3.            Cookies

3.1.        In order to provide you with optimal services, we use temporary and permanent cookies as part of your visit to our website. These are small text files stored on your computer.

3.2.        Temporary cookies are limited in time and contain data such as an identification number, known as the session ID. These cookies allow the server to assign several requests on our site to the same user. They will be deleted as soon as the use of the site is complete. In addition, we use session cookies for market research purposes. These data are anonymous, so no identification of the person is possible. If you do not want to allow session cookies, you can do so by disabling session cookies in your browser (for more details on how to proceed, please refer to the help function in the menu bar of your browser). By disabling session cookies, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use all of our services without restriction.

3.3.        Permanent cookies remain, even after leaving our website. These cookies are intended to facilitate your work in the protected area. Vistan also uses these cookies temporarily for a period of three months for non-personalized statistics to improve our services. No personal data will be analyzed. If you do not want to allow permanent cookies, you can do so by disabling permanent cookies in your browser (you will find details on the procedure in the help function of the menu bar of your browser). By disabling permanent cookies, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use all our services without restriction.


4.            Deleting your data

If your data is no longer needed for the above purposes, it will be deleted. If you delete your user account on our website, your related data will be deleted unless the law and / or government regulations require us to keep them. The data is no longer available for later use.


5.            Technical security, data encryption

5.1.        To protect your data against manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons, Vistan takes continuous technical and organizational security measures.

5.2.        On the Internet, information is usually transmitted unencrypted. Via the customer account on our website, the transmitted data are encrypted via SSL.


6.            Links to external websites

Our websites may contain links to external websites. When you access external websites, your personal data will not be transmitted. Once you are on external websites, the privacy policies of each operator apply.


7.            Revocation of consent, information, correction, blocking and cancelation

7.1.        When registering and / or using our services, you agree that we collect your reported data in order to improve our offer, our service functions, in order to contact you and receive information, to analyze the behavior of the users, for promotional purposes, and for the adapted design of our services to your needs. We would like to point out that you can revoke your consent at any time for the future by sending a letter or an email to info@vistan.de. The revocation is free (except the transmission costs that can be charged to you by your phone / internet provider). If you do not give your consent or if you do not revoke it with immediate effect. We ask you to understand that a personalized use of our services is not possible.

7.2.        Of course, you have a right to look and rectify free of charge the personal data about you which are stored by us, as well as the right to rectify inaccurate data, block and cancel it, to the extent where there are no retention periods. Please contact us at info@vistan.de or by mail to the indicated address.


8.            Modification of our privacy policy

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time to comply with the latest legal requirements or to make changes to our services in the privacy policy. For your next visit, the possibly modified privacy policy applies.


9.            Contact for questions about data protection

If you have any questions regarding our privacy practices and transmission, correction, blocking or cancelation of data and revocation of consent, please contact Vistan Brillen GmbH, Wilhelmstrasse 16, D-73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, info@vistan.de


Updated  May 2018


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