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VISTAN develops eyewear frames for every type and taste in outstanding quality. Our passion for eyewear drives us to steadily expand the portfolio.


Design made in Germany with tradition:The vision of being able to offer opticians not only frames but also their own collection, was the initial impulse with which Jürgen Seitz founded the company in 1995.

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Since 2010, Christian Seitz has successfully run the company VISTAN together with his father Jürgen.


Your own range of personalized frames, printed in the name of the optical store or your own brand.

A powerful tool in the market that can usually only be used by large chain stores. VISTAN has been making this possible for independent opticians since 1995. Complete freedom in model selection and free price calculation with VISTAN quality. And every day, by putting on and taking off their glasses, customers can see which optician is right for them - that's the VISTAN idea

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VISTAN collection

With more than 1000 model variants, the VISTAN collection is the heart of the portfolio.

This wide range is perfectly suited to serve the entire range of products in almost all price segments. The range of materials, colors and styles gives every optician endless possibilities to select their own collection to present in store.

All models in the VISTAN collection can be personalized as a private label.

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Quality at VISTAN

Design made in Schwäbisch Gmünd with the highest quality standards.

With its team of experienced designers, VISTAN is constantly working on the development and improvement of its products. Strict quality management ensures that the high demands of VISTAN products are met.

VISTAN Service

Customer satisfaction is particularly important to VISTAN.

That is why the professional customer service team always finds the best possible solutions for its customers. Ordered Today, Shipped Today: In-stock items are shipped the same day.

Do you have a complaint? No problem, VISTAN handles complaints quickly and accommodatingly. The support of our teams of field representatives is not only provided personally on site in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, France and Poland.

And outside Europe? From Finland to South Africa, from Peru to Australia, up to the Seychelles, VISTAN delivers its remarkable glasses there. VISTAN quality and service worldwide.

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