Vistan Brillen GmbH - Partner of Opticians

It all started with an idea: as he founded the company VISTAN Brillen GmbH in 1995, Jürgen Seitz did not want to only provide frames to opticians but also give them the opportunity to create a custom-made collection. The VISTAN concept was born: on request, each frame can be stamped with the individual logo of the optician.

Temples that you can change - Change Me! changes everything

Always looking for new ideas, in 2008, the exchangeable temple system ChangeMe! has been introduced.

Whether for the casual look, the glamorous appearance in the evening or the perfect companion for the office: thanks to our exchangeable temples, you can modify our glasses in seconds, without tools, in a fashion accessory that has never been so individual. 

The ChangeMe! collection consolidates the VISTAN company in its position on the market.

Since 2010, the company has been managed commonly by Jürgen Seitz and Christian Seitz.

Cinque & Roy Robson - the brand portfolio is expanded

The VISTAN Brillen as basic models,and the trendy designed brand collections are very successful in the opticians’ shops: The company is growing steadily and sustainably. 

Decisive for the constant growth and success of VISTAN Brillen GmbH are also the licence agreements with two fashion brands - since 2011 with Roy Robson, the international menswear brand with Berlin roots and since 2017 with the textile company Cinque Moda, which conveys the Italian way of life.

The VISTAN marketing concept – your own private collection.


The Vistan marketing concept, the „Vistan Line“, provides the opticians, with individual collections: Frame by frame, your company‘s logo is stamped on one temple.

Offer your customers your own brand.
Use the Vistan-line for your store.

Trust us.
We make the name of your business a brand.

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