Company Facts

ORIGIN | CINQUE was founded in 1984 in Cinque Terre, Italy. The founders – two friends of the Italian lifestyle – had a plan to provide the world with carefree casual Italian fashion with very close attention to design detail. It was precisely this idea that allowed them to tap into the zeitgeist of the 80s – since there were mainly German fashion brands on the German fashion market at the time. Italian fashion embodied a status symbol and was a popular souvenir to show off back then. As a family business with nearly 200 employees, the company has grown into an internationally operating fashion label. Italian passion has shaped CINQUE's corporate culture. This passion is celebrated by an authentic and open way of life – attributes that are reflected in our fashion, our customers and our employees, as well as in our communication. In short, we love what we do.

NAME | The name is derived from the Italian word cinque (m), the five, based on the casual gesture from back then, which is still used today, the colloquial “da mi cinque“ (give me five) or “high five”.


Brand Facts

BRAND CORE | The values of CINQUE correspond to the essence of the Italian lifestyle: inwardly passionate and emotional, outwardly always smart and casual. With our casual fashion for women and men, we see ourselves as the ambassadors of these values, which we implement, internalize and live on all levels of the CINQUE brand.

CINQUE STYLE | The CINQUE style embodies one’s inner passion and external casualness. At the same time, we are able to incorporate current trends into our collections in a discreet and modern way without overstraining fashion courage. We see ourselves as unassuming and manage to reflect the zeitgeist in our products.

In short, we remain true to our mission.


World of CINQUE

The company CINQUE MODA GMBH is a family business that manufactures high-quality clothing in small and medium volumes.

THE PURCHASING POLICY | In order to offer the end-user a contemporary, high quality product, we adhere to a complete value chain from material ordering through to sale of products. Our products are based on quality fabrics and materials, which meet the highest quality standards and are ordered accordingly.

THE PRODUCTION FACILITIES | The production facilities selected by CINQUE not only meet our own quality requirements, but internationally recognized quality and social standards, as well. We know personally each of our production facilities and visit them regularly. In addition, we are also a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (, wherein we stand together with other manufacturers for continuous improvement of working conditions along the value chains in the countries of origin. We do not tolerate child and prison labor, inhumane working conditions and underpayment in any form. The majority of our production takes place in Europe.

THE POLLUTION MANAGEMENT | Product safety plays an increasingly important role for our customers. We work according to all prevailing EU legal guidelines regarding prohibited pollutants (AZO dyes, Reach Management, chromium, nickel, plasticizers, etc.) and conduct regular independent testing by recognized testing institutes.

THE ANIMAL PROTECTION | We use both synthetic leather, synthetic down and faux fur and animal products. The proportion of non-animal products outweighs our use of animal products significantly and is continuously being expanded. The majority of animal products are derived from farm animals. The down we use are obtained exclusively from farm animals (known as dead-plucking).


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